Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Take That, Mittens!

Obama came back with his game face on and ready to play smash-mouth football last night. He called Romney a liar to his face several times, and got him stuttering over the Libya question.

"Read the transcript", Obama said.

And Candy Crowley, to her credit, did jump in and validate that Obama had used the word "terrorism" to describe the Benghazi killings, the very next day and not two weeks later, as Romney had accused. And that left poor Mittens with nowhere to hide. But can you imagine if the moderator had been Gretchen Carlson or one of the other blonde clones from Faux "News"? She definitely would not have stepped in to make that comment, which then would have allowed the Romney camp to engage in another "he said-she said" slippery evasion over whether Obama had said it or not. Which is why it's a good thing that both sides have to agree on a debate moderator.

Mittens, in his continuing uphill battle to appear human, did try to keep his chin up, but you could tell he was jarred and angry. Notice where Romney was when the debate was over and Obama was schmoozing with the "undecided" voters on the panel? He was surrounded by his family, and as far as I could tell he didn't mingle at all with the panel, and like last time beat a hasty retreat.

Too many representatives from the 47%,  the unwashed teeming millions, to suit him, I guess.


Sarge said...

Mittens and Ryan both either outright lie or refuse to provide specifis on anything.


Hey? If I am follwing and commenting on your blog - why aren't you doing the same for me?
Do you hate senior e's - for being senior e's? Pal, not all of us were pricks...
Yes, I am techically a Vietnam vet - Do I claim that? No. Yet, I have the medal and the ribbon.

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Farnsworth68 said...

Sorry Sarge. I mean to read and comment on all the blogs I regularly follow, but I am so busy with the election coming up. After the next two weeks, I can get back to something approaching normal. I've been driving vote for Denny Heck signs along the right of way on the main roads criss-crossing the county, only to have go back every three days or so to put them back in the ground after some dipshit yanked them out.
And don't worry about that drafteers vs. lifer thing. I got over that so long ago that now one of my very closest friends is a retired Navy captain (good Democrat, though!)
--The F Man