Saturday, October 13, 2012

WTF???!!! RUFKM???!!!

Jesus, what is it with Republicans anyway? And why is straight news sounding more and more like stuff from The Onion?

What with the two dickhead Arkansas Republicans saying slavery was all right with Jesus so it's all right with them, and those damn ungrateful uppity Negroes received a "blessing in disguise" when they were transported against their will across the ocean and put to work on plantations, today I learn that the mistress (yes he was still married at the time--gotta love those Rethug family values!) of a Tea Party anti-choice pro-birth congressman -- who is a fucking doctor! -- from Tennessee wasn't pregnant when he told her to get an abortion!


So I guess it's okay to support abortion, just so long as the woman isn't actually pregnant? Couple that with the fact that no less an authority than Todd Legitimate-Rape Akin has claimed that women who are not actually pregnant also get abortions.

Fuck. When I run into this shit it makes my head want to explode. The only thing stopping it is that it knows that the rest of the body will have to clean up the mess...

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timr said...

Myself, I think that it all goes back to the days when we burned lead in gas to prevent engine knocking. Think of it. all those southern rethug young kids, standing by running cars, all breathing in lead products. I think that is when our national intelligence started to drop. "experts" claim that babies eating lead paint in the slums where they lived caused brain damage, so wouldn't little kids breathing in car exhaust do the same?
Or, according to studies done on Authoritarianism there are some personality types that are extremely susceptible to the authoritarian approach that rethug/teahadists preach and they are the ones who become the Authoritarian Followers who only listen to what their chosen leaders tell them, even when it makes no sense to anyone else.
Take your choice, they are, IMPO, both viable reasons why rethug/teahadists believe mittens and lyinryan.
romneys campaign stated, and mitt never disagreed"We are not going to let fact checkers dictate what we say" IOW, we're going to lie and we don't care what you say 2 or 3 days later,the people we are talking at will never hear or believe that we lied.