Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As if Halloween Wasn't Scary Enough Already

I have just three words that ought to scare the shit out of anybody who is even considering letting one of their friends or relatives -- or even that IBIL* of yours -- vote for the Lying Magic Underpants Man (aka Mittens Romney).

Those three words: Soo Preme Court!!!

The winner of this presidential election will almost surely get to nominate two new justices to the Supreme Court, and very possibly four new justices before his term is over.

If Romney wins, but some hook or crook, it might be the last gasp of the Republican Party's Old White Men, but given Romney's chief judicial advisor is none other than Robert Bork, the hangover from the Romney Party could  last a couple of generations. I will be long dead and cremated before the Supreme Court would recover -- before the nation could recover -- from a Romney Supreme Court.

Let's not let that happen. There are just six fucking days until the election!

Get down to your local Democratic Party HQ and make some phone calls, go door-to-door with walking lists and shake down likely voters who haven't yet dropped off their ballots, do something!


[* IBIL=Idiot Brother in Law --  but I know he's incorrigible!]