Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Romney is a Dirty Lousy Stinky Cheaty Rat

Get a load of this visual proof that Romney cheated his fucking ass off during the debate last week.

Like a lounge-show stage magician, Mittens prestidigitated a small notebook out of his jacket pocket and  slipped it into the well of his podium. Later he wasn't so slick about retrieving it, but he still got away with it.

Take a look at the photos and the video on the Cannonfire blog and tell me that you don't think that's what happened.

Remember in the Bush-Kerry debate eight years ago when the Shrub was in mid-speech and suddenly said, "wait, let me finish"? When it seemed that no one was interrupting him? Speculation was rife at the time that he was wearing some kind of Star Trekky in-the-ear communicator and was being fed lines by an off-camera coach. Nothing was ever proved in that instance, but he did have that odd-looking boxy hump on the back of his suit jacket -- which of course got blamed on faulty fitting by the White House tailor... Yeah. Uh-huh.

I don't know that anything can be done at this point about Romney cheating, but sadly it comes as no surprise that he would do it. That fucker will say anything, do anything, to get elected.

[Thanks to Jules Feiffer for the "dirty lousy stinky cheaty rat" phrase, which appeared in one of his cartoons in the late fifties and has been one of my favorite insults ever since. Update: The cartoon appeared in New York's Village Voice on Feb 10, 1957 -- what can I say? I was a precocious kid...]


coaster said...

Others have said that it was a handkerchief. Looking closely at the video I have to agree.

Anonymous said...

Just like Sarah Palin reading the runny ink dripping off her sweaty palm. This kind of hinky bullsh@t would get you an F in college speech classes that don't allow memory aids for projects.