Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This is Huuuge!

With the unanimous Iowa Supreme Court decision followed closely by the Vermont legislature's override of the governor's veto, two states have now made same-sex marriage legal.

And while you can argue that little Vermont up there in its quiet corner is nothing but a bunch of left wing commies (I mean they have democratic socialist Bernie Sanders as their senator, for crissakes) intent on ripping the social fabric, etc., no one can say that Iowa is not heartland America. Can you even get more Middle America than Iowa?

And now that Iowa is standing up for civil rights and making same-sex marriage legal, how long can it be until 48 other states will follow along? I really can't see Utah doing it -- and okay, realistically the Rethug South won't go along either.

Which is why we eventually will have a national law. Once we have had enough experience with the fact of same-sex marriage and the sky has not fallen in, earthquakes have not swallowed up the entire state of Iowa, and the man-on-dog sex predicted by Rick Santorum, everyone with even a toehold in the Reality Based Community will see that gay marriage threatens no one and nothing except a bunch of knuckledragging mouthbreathers and their Neanderthal ideas about society.

- - -
Update: The Washington DC Council has just voted to recognize same-sex marriages conducted by other states. Can this be the start of the toppling of the dominoes?