Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mormon "Family Values"

Yeah, the Church of the Latter Day Hate "Saints" is all about "family values".

Just ask them.

But not so fast there, Brother Brigham. They're all about family values except when those family values come smack up against Mormon doctrinal brick walls. Such as polygamy and racism and homophobia (this is an important essay, written by Steve Benson, excommunicated Mormon, and the very grandson of "prophet seer and revelator" Ezra Taft Benson).

Here's a chilling tale, from way back in 2002, of what happened to one Mormon family when their son -- oh the horror -- "came out" to his parents.

No one can argue that the Hardy family was not the textbook Mormon family: They were both descendants of Mormon "royalty", the father was a Mormon bishop, the mother was a typically-Mormon stay-at-home wife, they had six children and they lived in "Zion" (aka Utah).

So what the fuck went wrong?

The answer is easy: The Hardys, the bastards, the apostate motherfuckers, had the effrontery, the audacity, the gall, the fucking nerve to allow one of their children turn out to be a ... dare I say it? ... homosessual!!!!!!!

And, as we all know, that is something that just doesn't fucking happen in happy well-adjusted Mormon families.

But it did.

Read the full story of what happened to the Hardys, and then do what you can to welcome those who have moved on past Mormonism into the fold of the civilized community.

And, lest we forget, one of the torturer-murderers convicted in the Matthew Shepherd atrocity was totally-Mormon totally-brainwashed full-time-homophobic-asshole Russell Henderson...

A terrific website for ex-mormons is Post Mormon, which offers help and support for the newly-excommunicated newly ex-mormon new member of the Reality-Based Community. They welcome as well those who left the church in the past but who are still coming to grips with the disruption to their pschic well-being.

Remember, as in any cult, once someone makes the break with it, they are shunned and rejected, and many times this is from the only social organization that they ever felt a part of.

Those who are making the break from the cult need all the help we can give them. If you personally know any struggling ex-Mormons, please reach out to them and let them know that there is life after excommunication, that there are people on the outside who will welcome them and care for them and help them with their struggles.