Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mormons Baptize . . . Adolf Hitler???!!!

During my research on what exactly it would take to get me on that "Mormon Blacklist", I rediscovered what was already pretty commonly known, that the Mormons (who believe in "baptism for the dead", as bizarre as that seems is) were baptizing wholesale as many Jewish victims of the Holocaust as they could get their genealogical hands on, and apparently that insulting and creepy practice continued even after an official injunction prohibited them from doing it.

But I was completely -- totally -- blown away by the news that the Church of Latter Day H8te had actually -- really, truly, factually -- performed one of their baptism-for-the-dead rites for none other than ... Adolf Hitler!!!!!

I know, I know, it sounds like a skit from Monty Python's Flying Circus, or a Mel Brooks "Springtime for Hitler" shtick, but apparently it is true.

So what this means, evidently, is that in the eyes of the Moron Mormon god, even fucking Adolf Hitler was not so evil as to be kept out of the so-called Celestial Kingdom (after the requisite "proxy baptism", of course) but all of those poor fucked up ex-mormons who managed to get themselves excommunicated from the Kingdom of the Saints because they were gay are NOT fucking good enough to get in????

Is that really what the fucking message here is?????


Blue Kansas said...

Boy am I glad I will spend eternity someplace where there are no Mormons!

Didja ever notice they rarely have earlobes? A genetic "founder effect" from all the inbreeding, I surmise.

Someone who cares said...

Actually, if he was really baptized it doesn't mean he'll automatically go to the Celstial Kingdom. (There are 3 kingdoms) He'll still have to have his judgement day, just like everyone else. And really- I could have made that 'temple record' on any computer. Doesn't make it real.

Oh, and they've never said gay people cannot go to heaven. In fact they will go to heaven, and have their judgement day- just as every straight person will.

of course you probably won't approve this comment since you've enabled comment moderation- and heaven forbid anyone should ever defend the LDS church. I'll be the first to admit that members of the LDS church aren't perfect- But my church isn't a museum of saints. It's a hospital for sinners. Like I said- nobody's perfect. We just try to always be working towards perfection.

Thank you for your sacrifice for our country by the way. It is appreciated.

Farnsworth68 said...

Surprise, swc, here you are. I allow all comments except those left by obvious sock-puppets of the Right.
So if I get your drift, Hitler's "temple record" could be forged. Okay, I'll give you that remote possibility, since Mormons seem to have developed a latter-day knowledge about forgery, but are you telling me that an excommunicated-because-of-his-gay-"lifestyle" ex-Mormon REALLY has a chance to get into that much-desired Celestial Kingdom?
"Judgment Day" comes before the final triage to one of the three heavens, you know, and it is my recollection that any excommunicated saints are ineligible for assignment to the CK.
And do you really think that Hitler has any chance at all of getting into ANY ONE of the three? If you do, and if that is the belief of the Church patriarchs -- including the "prophet seer and revelator" himself -- then I'll prefer to take my chances on atheism and the long cold sleep.