Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Amnesty for Torturers

Sign the petition today at and send a message to Atty General Eric Holder that we don't agree with that Obama Administration decision to not pursue charges against the assholes at the top of the BFEE who designed, instigated and carried the US policy of torture over the last eight years.

If this country stands for anything, it ought to stand for this. I don't give a shit how many times the assholes at the top of the heap have watched Jack Bauer do his magic, it's just a fucking television show! Get a grip! Torture doesn't work -- everyone knows that. Even Grampa McCain, back when he had some balls and wasn't sucking up to the right wing, knew that and wasn't shy about speaking out about it. And there's a guy who knows a little bit about torture.

So Mr. Attorney General, hear the voice of the people: No amnesty for torturers. We didn't give amnesty to torturers after WWII and the world was better off for it for a long time.

If you have to waterboard someone 183 times in one month, you gotta figure that just maybe your strategy isn't working. Time to move on to something else that might work. Such as the interrogation techniques in the bible of such stuff, the Army Interrogation Field Manual (the old version, before Donnie-the-Dick Rumsfeld had his way with it...).

This has been my single biggest disappointment in the Obama Adminstration.

While I doubt that it will be, I sincerely hope that it is the last.


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I got everyone in my family to stop watching "24". Once they realized it was propaganda, they didn't mind... No coincidince it's on Fox...