Thursday, April 09, 2009

How Did I Miss This One?

Sometime during the last presidential campaign, the wingnuttery latched onto this story: "Barack Obama had an underage gay affair with a pedophile" -- when he was ten years old! ...

I have no idea whether this piece of crap tale is "true" or not, nor does it matter. While it never seemed to grow the legs to make it into the mainstream (despite the claim that the National Enquirer "discovered" it), it appears to have been bouncing around inside the rightwing echo chamber for a while. Which is probably why I didn't know about it.

Only in Rethugland can sex between an adult and a ten-year-old child be considered consensual sex, let alone an "affair" (see The Armchair Subversive).

In the rest of the civilized world it's called what it is: "Child Molesting" (are you listening, Rush Limpick?) and we do not blame the victim.