Thursday, April 09, 2009

Blog Against Theocracy Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow starts the three-day swarm of Blog Against Theocracy, and my friend Blue Gal has an interesting comment on the question Must You Do It Easter Weekend?:

Blog Against Theocracy has always been held Easter Weekend. That is not a slam on Jesus or a silly way to put down religion or Christians. As many of you know, I am a believing Christian myself, although a great many participants to the blogswarm are not. Belief or not has nothing to do with supporting separation of church and state.
There are two good reasons to time the blogswarm during the Easter holiday. One, I admit, is the selfish motive that Easter Weekend is one of the two times a year when the media actually cover religious issues in the United States with a broad stroke.
The other reason, speaking as a believer, is that Easter is a time when what is divinely good triumphs over human will. If you look at Pilate as a purely secular leader (a stretch) and the Pharisees who demanded Pilate kill Jesus as the self-preserving conservative church of Jesus' day (not a stretch, not at all), it is possible to see the Easter story as a perfect allegory of a power-seeking Church and a pandering State's conspiracy failing utterly to destroy Truth and Reason.
And that's as succinct and clear explanation for the "reason for the season" there is. So everyone, check with me and my fellow bloggers against theocracy for the next three days. I sometimes feel that we stalwart few are all that is standing between democracy and theocracy.