Thursday, April 09, 2009

Limbaugh "Brainwashed Nazi" -- Gotta-See-It Video

As Olberman puts it, the Dittoheads are revolting. Here's a gotta-see-it video from YouTube which shows "Boss" Limpick being handed his lunch by a Republican former Marine:

What's amazing is that 4-F Pimpleass Limpdick just fucking sits there for so long taking it before he finally starts to fight back, finally calling out weakly that this former Marine is "stupid"... a childish playground taunt.

I think he's on drugs again. What else can account for the Fatboy being so slow on the draw?

Oh, and a telling item towards the end of the video: Pimpleass sneers at the guy for being exactly the kind of Republican who went flocking towards "our last presidential candidate" -- he wouldn't even mention McCain by name -- and implied that this was why they lost the election. And all this time I thought that the wingnuttery antipathy towards McCain was a show, a lie, to try to paint him as being more "mainstream Republican"...

Oh well, if you go back over my posts for the last three years, you'll note that my skills as a political prognosticator are about par with those of a retarded wombat.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the guy was spot on and entirely correct.

You can only try to manipulate people so much before the pushback and this is just what that was - the guy clearly felt betrayed as he either slowly discovered he was being manipulated or someone pointed it out to him.

But let's get real - he's not just a Nazi - he's a gay Nazi with that gold microphone (apologies to the gays whom I respect completely).

It's clear the man is a fool - I'm frankly astonished ANYONE would listen to his crap let alone advertise on that show.