Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Speaking of Sexual Abuse of Children...

... there's a case working its way onto the SCOTUS docket concerning an warrantless -- and unwarranted -- strip search of a 13-year-old female honor student who was fingered (no, not that way -- get your minds out of the gutter!) by a "friend" who was on the spot for holding drugs.

The drug? Prescription-strength ibuprofen!

So what do the school authorities do when faced with this heinous crime? They march the 13-year-old down to the school nurse where she is forced to strip to her skivvies and then wiggle her bra and panties to make sure she doesn't have the offending substance hidden. And then ... okay, I don't know what happened after that, but a body-cavity search would be the next item in the atrocity menu...

This is yet another case of prosecutorial zeal (the prosecutor in this case being the school principal) run amok. While I'm glad, in a way, that it's going to the Supremes, the Fourth Amendment is on shaky ground when it comes to many of those fuckers -- need I remind everyone of "Stripsearch Sammy" Alito, who apparently has a "thing" for the strip searching of prepubescent females?

Anyway, here's hoping that Savana Redding, the 13-year-old subject of this humiliation, will prevail, and SCOTUS will uphold the Ninth Circuit ruling that this search violated her Fourth Amendment rights.

You go, girl!