Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekly "Bush Twins in Uniform" Watch

It has now been 1082 days since Jenna and Not-Jenna Bush, the slacker offspring of Preznit Numnutz, graduated from college and they are still not in the uniform of the US armed services.

Why? Because they have other priorities. They are too busy partying down in Georgetown, Argentina and god-knows-where-else to show their support for the war by enlisting their chickenhawk-child selves into the military service, that's why.

And it's not just The Twins: ONLY ONE member of the extended Bush family has seen fit to volunteer for military service. Check out the Buzzflash analysis of the chickenshit Bush/Cheney extended family and see for yourself. There's even a photo taken in 2000 of the extended Bush family, complete with a whole lot of young fresh faces who seem to be of an age now to be eligible to enlist.

Little Georgie Bush, the son of Jebbie, has just enlisted in the Naval Reserve. He's going into the Officer Training Program, preparing to be ... an intelligence officer. Okay, the obvious jokes aside, what are the chances he's ever going to see Iraq?

Bush and Cheney were cowards during Vietnam who sent other men off to die in their place. Now the next generation is doing its part, sending their own peers off to die instead of them.

Why can't the Twins be more like their royal counterparts in the UK? The British Royal Family, unlike the Bush Crime Family, has a centuries-long tradition of honorable military service. Prince Andrew was a combat helicopter pilot in La Guerre de las Malvinas (aka the Falklands War) and Prince Prince Harry -- it's now official -- is now on his way to Iraq as a cavalry lieutenant.

Will the Bush Twins follow his example?

No, they will not. They are fucking cowards like their father and their Uncle Dick(less) Cheney.

Be sure to check out The Yellow Elephant blog, which asks the question "It's their war; why aren't they fighting it?"

BTW, the twins are also still not pregnant with their own Snowflake Babies. If they can't join the service, the least they could do would be to get themselves impregnated with a couple of blastocytes that would otherwise go into the garbage. Remember what Farnsworth always says: Baste 'em, don't waste 'em.


Anonymous said...

In all fairness, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hitlery and Bomb'em Bill (the Sudan, Kosovo, Iraq's "no-fly" zones) hasn't suited up either.

Instead Chelsea, after what looks like major plastic surgery to get a chin, is some kind of "consultant" (i.e. bloodsucker) making more than 97% of what an average American family of four makes.

When the draft comes, as it will partially because Hitlery wants to attack Iran for her Israel-first handlers, EVEN ONLY CHILDREN LIKE CHELSEA WILL NOT BE EXEMPT!!!

Check out the Selective Service (draft) website and see for yourself.

Though the chances of Princess Chelsea going are almost nil, your kids sure will.

Anonymous said...

The poor and minorities fight for zionist interests (soon they'll be drafted for said interests). Only Israel benefits from these endless Middle East wars. Iraq is the beginning. As we commit war-crimes in Baghdad, the US gov't commits treason at home by opening mail, eliminating habeas corpus, using the judiciary to steal private lands, banning books like "America Deceived" from Amazon and Wikipedia, conducting warrantless wiretaps and engaging in illegal wars on behalf of AIPAC's 'money-men'. Soon, another US false-flag operation will occur (sinking of an Aircraft Carrier by Mossad) and the US will invade Iran.. Then we'll invade Syria, then Saudi Arabia, then Lebanon (again) then ....
Final link (before Google Books bends to gov't demands and censors the title):
America Deceived (book)

Anonymous said...

"No, they will not. They are fucking cowards like their father and their Uncle Dick(less) Cheney."

Interesting. Couple of points I'd like to make...

American Military Service is VOLUNTEER. So this 'well why don't THEY have to go?!' nonsense is just that - nonsense.

I am no fan of the current US Administration. I'm not sure anyone actually is. And they may be 'fucking cowards', as you claim. I don't disagree.

But you know who else is a 'fucking coward'? All the people back home who are letting those same elites run rampant. To the writer of this column: You are a fucking coward, sir (or ma'am, whichever the case may be). I am a fucking coward. Every American who hasn't marched to the White House to tear these bastards out of their comfy surroundings and into the street for public lynching - they are fucking cowards. Every soldier who realizes that this god damn war was bullshit, but still raises arms against an enemy who - for the most part - had no ill intent against our nation before we ravaged their country: fucking cowards.

So, I guess in the end, Americans get the leaders they deserve, right? And like the cowards we are, we'll just keep typing away in blogs and comment boxes while the shit continues to hit the fan - while our friends and family get killed in a far away land... for nothing.

So keep typing up these useless rants - they show us all just how cowardly we really are. When you are ready to get off your ass and out from behind your computer, and go kick some ass back at home to wrong some rights - be sure to let us know. Until then, we'll all be cowering.

Anonymous said...

Good on the last anonymous commentator..Why are we not marching on Washington in the millions..Its the only thing that they would-will listen to..The Hispanics can muster million people marches in cities for immigration but here we are sitting on our collective asses to fucking yellow to even put a sign in the yard or on our vehicles let alone get up and march.."Stop This Bogus War" IMPEACH-IMPEACH-And IMPRISON BUSH NOW

Anonymous said...

Well stated earlier anonymous poster. It will take SERIOUS conviction for a civilian to make the next move.

After all, in a with-us-or-against-"us" world... the apathetic majority are inherently backing the "us" who have taken away habeas corpus.

One cannot help but ponder McVeigh's earlier words indicating WE ARE ALREADY AT WAR -- WITH A DOMESTIC ENEMY. But in this war patriots are so severely outnumbered by less educated masses, any outburst or opinion is [in fact] risky.

A person would have to throw all caution to the wind, and essentially have nothing left to lose. This is why the economy is propped up and lip-service is paid to minority groups that have shown any organizational ability. It keeps that carrot in front of each of us...

and doesn't that boiled frog stew taste even better with carrots?

Anonymous said...

I REALLY don't get you Americans. The Anonymous calling himself a coward was the funniest one. Come on!
Dick and Bush are doing their best to keep the imperial America going by continuing the imperial policies
How do you think the USA happened to have the highest living standards in the world? With fair game? All you whiny Americans, this is to save your wonderful life style! You should be supporting them with all your might, not bitching!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Bush twins should be in uniform. I also agree that Chelsea should be in uniform too. My daughter is in the Air Force, she's a lifer, and has been in all the wars since Gulf War I. If she can do it what the hell is wrong with these politco's kids. If they think this war is a good thing, let their kids serve too!

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is this: anyone who thinks that the Democrats are less warlike than the GOP should just watch videos of the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention. There about 75% of all U.S. House Representatives and all of the Senate basically promised Israel that the U.S. would "deal" with Iran.

Iran is not a threat to the U.S. -- it's not even a threat to Israel. Jerusalem is Al Quds, the third holiest city in Islam because it's where Muslims believe that Mohammed ascended into heaven.

Iran would never use a nuke on Israel for that reason alone. Beyond that, Iranians aren't idiots and in 2003 offered both Israel and the U.S. what "we" supposedly wanted.

The truth is that Israel wants to be the regional super-power (if not global super-power). Witness the war "games" Israel is conducting RIGHT NOW.

And Israel, along with her American enablers, like Hitlery Clinton, George W. What's-His-Last-Name-Again?, Nancy Sleazosi, etc., and ad nauseam, is more than willing to USE YOUR KIDS' BODIES TO LAUNCH ANOTHER WAR FOR ISRAEL!!!

BTW: sorry - what I meant to write was that Chelsea, whose reported salary is, if IIRC, $160,000/year, makes more than approximately 97% of American families of four.

Those aren't hard stats but I have read that our household income puts us into the top 5% bracket and we make less than Chelsea.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is a typical left wing rant from people who would rather spit on a person in the military than thank them. We have an all volunteer military. If Bush twins do not wish to join, big deal. It is their choice. I would never denigrate someone for not serving in the military. As for the draft coming back, give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Draft not coming???? -- BullSh*t -- It sure is!!!

Go to the U.S. government's Selective Service website and see for yourself before you or your children are drafted.

The draft is on its way, because both the Democrats and the Republicans are in hock to the Israel Lobby up to their necks and have promised an attack on Iran.

Again, the videos of "our" Congress genuflecting before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and promising Israel Iran are available on the web. YouTube for one.

Do a simple websearch, it's all there -- our government is bought by the Israel Lobby and YOUR KIDS ARE GOING TO DIE FOR IT.

Again, do your own damn research on the Israel Lobby, AIPAC and type in your congress critters names in the same search.

It's only your children's lives at stake...

Anonymous said...

Fucktards....all of them....

Unknown said...

No coward here -- I've been in the faces of these pricks and begged others to follow my lead - back in 1998 and haven't given up yet. I was on the East lawn of the Capitol catching the Congressmen as they and their entourage moved from one press conference to another - I talked to 27 out of the 432 -- the subject was impeachment and my message was that the real threat was the neo-cons and their twisted and threatening agenda. I refused to shake the hands of the neo-cons and explained that I don't honour a man I have no respect for....(btw - my trip was covered by a writer for the Daily Herald Newspaper and can be archived if anyone would like proof).
I know that my actions were small and the 50+ letters to the editor I've had published (since '97)warning of the threat from this group didn't have much impact - but it had some and I'm certainly willing and eager to be a centerpiece or inspiration for a march on Washington or any kind of public confrontation with this neo-con badministration -- I've been praying for a national security letter to be sent to me - The first thing I would do is make it as public as I possibly could as quickly as possible and set the stage for a public debate - me against the neo-con badministration! ;)
They're punks - they run and hide and quit their jobs and tell on each other and then go to jail -- you could squeeze them all together and not drip a drop of character or integrity or true grit. They're empty suits with lots of fleeting power - And some serious personal issues that has made for a dangerous mix -- But I'm ready to mix it up with them - I would love the oppurtunity -
You go, General Batiste, General Eagan, and General Wesley Clark and all the other Generals working behind the scenes to confront Bush and tutor the American people about the truth.

Unknown said...

I meant General Eaton.......

Anonymous said...

Yes, we Americans have been cowards up to this point. But as far as bringing back the draft, or trying to impose martial law on Americans, maybe situations like THAT will be where we get to show our gumption.

If they try to tell us we have to go to the Middle East to die for their corporate interests, we'd have a chance to finally take a stand and collectively say, "Come fucking MAKE us." If enough pissed off Americans resist with righteous force, the military (and maybe the police) might just say, "Fuck the government, this isn't worth it..."

Of course, these elitist mad-men might well release an epidemic or some other crazy shit, but hey, give me liberty or give me death, right?

Anonymous said...

Too all you whiners who call our military "voluntary" O have one thing to say "bullshit"! 70,000 US troops in Iraq are there because of stop loss. Would they be there without it, no they wouldn't or they would have re-uped.

Anonymous said...

70,000 in Iraq because of stop loss. Bull!!!!!!! Show me the facts.

One Vet said...

"Sergeant Isaiah Santopoalo is one of 70,000 soldiers who have been barred from quitting the Army by a stop-loss order that keeps G.I.s in uniform beyond their retirement date or the end of their enlistment obligation."

Not all 70,000 are currently in Iraq, of course, but all have been or will be. I was stop-lossed for 18 months - deployed to Iraq two months after I was supposed to ETS from the Army. Is that factual enough for you?