Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Prince Harry -- No Iraq for You

So it turns out after all that Prince Harry will not be going to Iraq with his regiment. According to a Guardian Q&A, the situation in Iraq is too dangerous and Harry would have been a prime target for insurgent kidnappers.

Well, yeah, that's true. That and the fact that Iraq is also too dangerous for the rank-and-file troops that are already there, and the "surge" has created more violence.

Hmmm, surge...more violence. Did anyone besides me think that throwing gasoline on a fire to try to put it out was maybe the wrong idea?

So back to Harry. I blame the obsessive paparazzi news media more than anything else. They would be all over the place trying to cover each and every move the young troop commander would make, and all the bad guys would have to do to score points would be to start lobbing explosives into the middle of a gaggle of media hypes. Chances are Harry would be in there somewhere.

So I basically agree with the British Army's decision, especially since they are now in the stealth process of trying to disengage while still saving face. The Coalition of the Willing Bribed has been distancing itself from the illegal occupation of Iraq for months now. Pretty soon it's going to be only US troops sacrificing themselves for the advancement of the Oil Empire.

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Anonymous said...

good post. I agree. There are a lot of American kids dieing, however to send the prince over there would not be good. At least he was willing to go. That is certainly not true of the children of "royalty" in America.