Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Offshoring the News

If this wasn't making the rounds in a bunch of legitimate news sources, I'd assume that it came out of someplace like The Onion.

In little old Pasadena, California, the online news source Pasadena Now has outsourced its local reporting to, of all places, India.

Yes, that's local reporting. No, I don't know how it's going to work, how they will cover the city council meetings, for example, or the smell of sewer gas in the library, or the pothole question.

But I suspect that this is just the first step in another outsourcing surge. I'm sure that Big Media is watching carefully, to see if they can start outsourcing their own news.

And, come to think of it, why not? What's left of the Fourth Estate in this country is, by and large, is nothing more than release-reading sycophant mouthpieces for government flacks like Tony Snowjob. Why not get some poor Hindi to do that for a dollar a day rather than paying some high-priced administration-ass-kissing hack like...well, like pretty much on the staff of Faux News?

It wouldn't surprise me if Rupert Murdoch, after he scoops up the Wall Street Journal to add to his China-appeasing dead-white-girl-flogging liberal-baiting "news" empire, starts hiring offshore news anchors.

But, since he is in love with Red China, it'll probably not be East Indians that he hires.