Thursday, May 24, 2007

All Monica All the Time

I had a chance to actually see some of Monica Goodling's testimony last night, and what's with the breathless little-girl voice, the blow-dried mane, the understated presentation? What is she, auditioning for Legally Blonde 3: The Disbarring?

All in all it was a pretty disappointing outing for the Regent University graduate, and it goes a long ways in illustrating that fine education in law that she received there when she couldn't admit -- even under the immunity agreement -- that she had broken the law.

She made "mistakes". She couldn't even identify under direct cross examination that what she did was BREAK THE LAW. I thought that if you graduated from law school, you ought to have more than a passing familiarity with THE LAW.

Guess not, but what can you expect from the graduate of a fine school whose motto is "Christian Leadership to Change the World"? To these people, "god's law" supersedes all mortal laws, and anything they do can be justified as helping to push the cause of the lord.

And can you really blame her? A cursory reading of their holy book shows upteen million incidents where a wrathful god thinks nothing of smiting his enemies -- including women and children -- to further his holy cause.

How can we expect one of his minor lackeys, one of his special representatives here on earth, to do any different? What's a minor lawbreaking when we are engaged in a holy battle for the soul of America?

In the meantime, it looks like she basically blew the whistle on Gonzo -- what she described is beyond the line, and for all appearances Torquemada Gonzales is guilty -- at the very least -- of attempted obstruction of justice.

He might as well have walked into her tastefully-furnished-in-Xian-ecstasy apartment saying shit like "Nice place ya got here -- be a shame if something happened to it, now wouldn't it?"

Why do we keep putting up with this shit? What is wrong with us?


nunya said...

Umm yeah, about that knowledge of the law:

60 percent of the class of 1999 -- Goodling's class -- failed the bar exam on the first attempt

Anonymous said...
Comedy central agrees with you.