Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday by the Numbers

Total American dead in the Iraq Illegal Occupation: 2500 2513 2532 2540 2546 2558 2571 2585 2597 2605 2619 2641 2710 2737 2758 2788 2809 2826 2865 2888 2906 2959 3006 3018 3025 3067 3087 3118 3132 3151 3166 3189 3210 3233 3245 3266 3299 3316 3337 3358 3387 3409 3444

Total coalition forces dead: 274
Total Iraqi Dead: 600,000+

Number of days since Baby Doc said he'd get Osama Bin Laden "dead or alive": 2083
Number of days since the illegal occupation of Iraq began: 1583
Number of days since "Mission Accomplished": 1483
Number of days between Pearl Harbor and the end of WWII: Only 1347

Number of days that the the Vice President has NOT shot a man in the face: 404
Number of days that the Bush Twins are still not pregnant with baste-'em-or-waste-'em Snowflake babies: 309.

It is still 627 days until the end of the BFEE Maladministration.


Anonymous said...

Fox news said journalist are ink stained under paid retches. So how much to do Fox retches make that they are under paid?

Another by the numbers maybe? The average salary of a fox news retch compared to a US soldier?

billie said...

thank you. thank you for serving your country and your fellow americans- in spite of themselves. thank you for your sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is fresh. And fucked up.

Deadeye Dick Cheney addressing honorable men and women at West Point that will lead our army into the future.

"Cheney appealed to the emerging Army second lieutenants to defend freedom against those who would destroy it and to carry forward the academy's values of duty, honor and country."

What in the world does this godless fuck know about "values of duty and honor" when it comes to serving in the military for ones country? What does he know about honor at all.

If the Selective Servce held a draft today, and certain individuals didn't agree with going to Iraq, or wormed their way out with 5 deferments because, as Cheney put it 40+ years ago, they had "other things to do" he would brand them as traitors and have them locked up or maybe shot as cowards in time of war.

This is a magnification of how skewed the morals of the present adminstration are. "Do as I say, and not as I do."

What a joke. This really pisses me off. I'm insulted that on the Memorial Day weekend this prick has crawled out of his bunker, or from under a damp rock, to address real men and women that "value duty, honor and country."

Myself being a Vietnam Veteran of 28 months in Vietnam, I am insulted.

And before all you right wing con's start with the "soft liberal" crap, I served therefore I earned the right to voice my opinion.

I am from Indiana but I live and work in Taiwan. Being aware a few months ago that Dickless Cheney was scheduled to give the commencement address to the West Point class of '07, I searched high and low for some, any, coverage of this gutless farce of a man amoung honorable men and women with no results. Finally I check the on-line edition of the Indianapolis Star and found a blurb only by doing a search in the search window. Where is all the White House Press Corp that trips over itself to make sure that Bush and Cheney are saturated with coverage when they make a safe apperance before a military audience? Why such low keyed coverage?

I'm fucking steamed that this worthless piece of shit is allowed to even stroll the grounds at West Point? He is mighty brave to spout "values of duty, honor and country" 40 years after he dishonored those that died in his stead.

Dickless please go back to the fucking bunker.

I would venture that Mary Cheney's so called "partner" has bigger balls than he.