Thursday, May 10, 2007

Middle East Wrap-up

A flurry of interesting stories came out of the Middle East in the last couple days:

· Darth Cheney made a surprise visit to Baghdad to bully the "independent" Iraqi government into not going on vacation this summer. While he was there, a mysterious explosion resulted in ALL of the reporters being herded into an underground bunker. This happened after Cheney made an off-th-cuff remark about how nice it will be to get away from them. Conicidence?

· So what the fuck is Darth Cheney even doing there? It's not just to throw his weight around with the cowering Iraqis. Oh, never mind. I just noticed that stops in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh are on the itinerary. Could it be that the surprise visit to Iraq is just window dressing to cover for VP Crashcart stopping by to check on his future home in the UAE when he "returns" to Halliburton, and showing up in Riyadh to genuflect to his oil masters in Saudi Arabia?

· GOP "moderates" had a meeting with Der Monkey Fuehrer to tell him that the maladministration has to show some gaines in Iraq or the GOP would be in trouble next year. Gee, ya think? With his approval rating at 28%, watch the flood of defectors trying to distance themselves from him. Too bad for them that it's too little, too late.

· The Iraqi parliament voted on a "non-binding" resolution that would direct the US to get out of their country. This passed with a majority vote. Would you know it from reading the American "liberal" media? Nope.


Anonymous said...

I don't see where they voted... funny it is an AP article and we have to go to England to read about it...???,,-6624159,00.html

nunya said...

nope, the msm missed it, but thank you for catching it!