Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NSPD 51, and Why You Should Care

You gotta hand it to the fuckers in the BFEE, for the most secretive maladministration in memory, they can be pretty upfront and above-board with a lot of their unconstitutional grab for power crap.

Take for example, May 9th's National Security Presidential Directive 51 (it's right there on the White House website) containing within it the Orwellian-named Enduring Constitutional Government (ECG), which is defnined as meaning "a cooperative effort among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal Government, coordinated by the President, as a matter of comity with respect to the legislative and judicial branches and with proper respect for the constitutional separation of powers".

Get that? "Proper" respect for the separation of powers. Under whose definition? Well, that would be The Preznit himself, and we've seen the respect he shows for the separation of powers. And what's "cooperative" mean? If they don't want to cooperate, is it off to the stadium to prepare for a trip to Gitmo?

The directive would kick in basically any time Baby Doc feels it is necessary; all he has to do is declare a "Catastrophic Emergency" -- which by definition in the directive itself means "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions."

Now how fucking vague is that? A hurricane in Mexico? An ice storm in Canada? Pakistan dropping the big one into the men's room at the Taj Mahal? Even a precipitous drop in the value of the dollar against the Euro.

Any and all of these can be interpreted within the broad confines of this directive.

Note that it doesn't have to be on American soil. Anywhere on the planet (and probably off of it) is fair game for this far-reaching directive.

This goes way beyond the end-run around habeas corpus codified in the so-called Patriot Act.

This is nothing less than a blueprint for instituting martial law in the United State -- with Der Monkey Fuehrer himself at the top. Even Tricky Dick Nixon didn't go this far with his infamous Houston Plan, which provided for, among other things, extra-legal wiretaps, agents provocateur, and the rounding up of potential "subversives".

Call to action: call your congressman and your senators and tell them to take steps to nullify this blatant attempt to subvert our democracy and install officially the theocratic fascism of the Bush Family Evil Empire.

We can do no less.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Call to action: call your congressman and your senators and tell them
Uh...they're a little busy right now playing cave in to The Dictator. Grab your weapons and hit the streets. That's the only way, and the only place, this bullshit is going to be stopped.

billie said...

yes tua- but that won't happen because the american populus is xanaxed and ritalined and oxycontined into lala land. plus, the only folks who own guns in any numbers live in red states and voted 'w'

jae said...

This made my hair stand on end.

J. G. Birdsall said...

Then again, if mass amounts of Americans took to the streets in protest of this law, he could declare that as an economic emergency (since no one is at work wage-slaving away to feed the tax monster). Isnt that cute?

Unknown said...

So what is the real difference between GW and the late Saddam Hussien? Nothing? Seems to be pointing in that direction.

nunya said...

Yup, they'll take away your gun first, and then stick you here.

Anonymous said...

Don't take to the streets. That's instant assurance he'll invoke his new powers. Don't take to congress. They'd waffle as to whether they might want it when they get their shot at the Prez's seat (which won't happen with this thing in place - prediction: there will be no election in 2008, it's doubtful GW is the person this is intended to set up as King of the USA, and the "enduring constitutional government's" new constitution was written before the directive was ever signed and has almost nothing in common with the current constitution).

Google this thing, then take to the phones, go face to face them, fax incessantly MAINSTREAM CORPORATE MEDIA with letters to the editor, demands they do their job as journalists and inform you. Mainstream media - the big guys like the prime times, the cable news channels - totally ignored it. If this thing isn't "historic" in terms of the history of the United States of American, then nothing is.

The American public doesn't even know this thing exists. Corporate media didn't tell them about it. You'll find that out in your internet search.

Unknown said...

Couldn't pull up much on the net untiled I Googled: emergency powers george bush, that's when I got some good links to post to weirdwally.org.

Things are getting weird and we may be headed toward a Constitutional Crisis.

Anonymous said...

Don't stage a mass protest of $7 or $8 a gallon gas. Cuz Baby Docs gona seise the tv stations and send the helicopters and mounted police.

Anonymous said...

Could anyone exlain what a the relationship between a presidential directive and the constitution is. Does the administration come up with an objective and then it is law. Don't the other agencies involved in this directive have any say on the matter. Isn't congress involved in decisions that would change organizational structures for federal disaster relief. Granted the Bush administration has consistantly consolidated federal powers into the White House, but I was under the impression that congress voted on these sort of things.

Jennifer Briney said...

I'd like to know if these NSPD's are legally binding. I've been looking on the internet and the best answer I can find is that they have sometimes created policy and they sometimes have not.

Scary either way.

And I think that one of your commentors it absolutely right - we need to be bombarding the media with emails about NSPD 51 and then posting who we sent our emails to and what, if anything, they reported.

Anonymous said...

My only hope is that the world wakes up and begins to care "it doesn't affect me now..."
If we don't take action now, we'll settle for nothing later.

Anonymous said...

Can you think of anyone better than Bush with whom to entrust the dictatorial powers enumerated in NSPD-51? And its such a relief to know he declared in NSPD-51 that he alone will decide when he must accept this burden, though surely only upon the advice and consent of his personal Savior.

My guess would be early Spring of '08, when he is forced to use nuclear weapons against Iran and it then fails to cooperate, attacking our fleets in the Gulf and Mediterranean instead of accepting our compassionate offers of assistance.

Besides how could anyone resist the perfectly Orwellian logic of declaring a dictatorship to insure "Constitutional Continuity" for the homeland, while setting aside the actual Constitution of the United States. But in case a few dead-enders do object or the usual suspects might think to object, KBR is hard at work building detention centers around the nation to accommodate those incompatible with Constitutional Continuity.

Congress, demonstrating its usual wisdom and courage, will no doubt express concern about the pace of the summary executions and outrage at being locked out of their capital offices due to a classified biological threat of undetermined duration.

To demonstrate our determination to carry on, we should select the proper anthem for this new world order. I'm hoping for something stirring, with the right spiritual uplift, along the lines of "Deutschland Uber Allis," except with a touch of Texas twang as in "Dallas Uber Allis." However, since this is such an important decision, our new anthem, as well as the national prayer and corporate logo, should be selected by national referendum, putting those voting machines to work in November '08 after all.

Anonymous said...

It'd be too obvious for the history books if he just took control. My bet is he wants Giuliani to get into the office on a platform of anti-terrorism, wait for the chaos in Iraq to reach a fever pitch, and then blame Iran for it.

He can nuke Iran and claim kinghood in one day and America would be an fanatical empire with the rest of the world staring down the barrel of our shotguns.

We need to nip this in the bud.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that this may not be something GW will institute during the remainder of his term.

This is laying the ground work for use/abuse much further down the road. The Bush family has been part of the ruling class since the 1950's (GW's grandfather), Prescott Bush became a senator in 1952 and later became one of the most influencial people in the Nixon camp.

The Bush family and the neo-cons are in all of this for the long-haul. And while a liberal or moderate may not put the NSPD-51 powers to use, once a neo-con gets back into office, it will be just sitting there waiting for him to use.

K.M.S. said...

I didn't find out about this until today. When I heard it, so many puzzle pieces fell into place for me about Bush. I already knew he was a potential dictator, a wannabe Hitler. I had made the connections, but with no, what we could call solid proof.
Here it is.

This was not widely publicized, I noticed. Today I used a program within my college that searches Articles written by many prestigious authors, papers, and magazines.
My search came up with only one article on this. Luckily it had all this information and more.

I had more luck with blogs such as this one, and other such things.

Thanks for posting this, I intend on using it's information as much as I can.


Mystere2 said...

Then Blackwater hired mercenaries, the worst of the worst from the worst militaries of the world. And they had armed power over Americans in New Orleans during Katrina. Courts ruled they could not even be tried for shooting people. A private army of mercenaries obediant only to National Security -Zeig Heil. Now the National Guard, the citizen's army, has been decimated by Iraq and most real military equipment has been disabled there, who else ya gonna call? Freedom Busters!
But protests gets you diasppeared by a star court under Republican "coordination" (Gleichschaltung)

Anonymous said...

If you didnt know: One person who can do something about this, is Ron Paul who is running as a Republican to get into the white house. He need as much economical support as possible to get the message out.

He is the real thing.

Go to www.ronpaul2008.com to donate if possible.

Anonymous said...

How in the world can the news ignore this? My fellow baby boomers in the media must have no balls, 'cause I think someone would be a hero who stood up and called the country's attention to this. Or, on a scarier plane, has Bush gambled that enough of the population has been dumbed down to the point that they can get away with it, and no one will realize until it is too late?

Anonymous said...

For all you Bush bashers. Did you read NSPD-51? Did you see what it revoked? It revoked Presidental Decision Directive-67. Who signed PDD-67? Lets see...President Bill Clinton!!! NSPD-51 is nothing more than an update to PDD-57 (which by the way was totally classified and nobody was cleared to read). In other words the Bush administration is being more open than the Clinton administration.

Farnsworth68 said...

Fuck me, but I should have known. Even seven years later, it's STILL CLINTON'S FAULT!!!
Okay, mister anonymous asshole, are you then saying that two wrongs make a right? That just because Bill Clinton did it, it's okay for The Shrub to do it?
So exactly where did you happen to read this "secret" document? If you didn't read it, then how do you know what it says? Got it from Faux News, didja?
You fuckwit apologists for Bush are such fucking morons that you would support the asshole if he was caught live on television stomping kittens to death.
"But they were terrorist kittens!"
Fuck you, asshole.

Unknown said...

George Bush is the "King of Terror" that Nostradamus prophesied would appear. Take a look at this website, its pretty amazing to what detail he was described and what he would do.


Anonymous said...

IS this NSPD 51 still extant? Has the current elected president dispatched this foul directive to hell yet? All this over 911 which was, without ANY doubt planned and poorly executed by the US Government and allies. This is what PNAC was looking for! GODDAMN AMERICA!!


Anonymous said...

If such action is taken by this foul "government" nothing but an act of god will stop the people from causing the dissolution of this "government" by any and all means available. Such action is prescribed in the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. The British discovered without delay that the new AMERICANS would not tolerate any more intervention by them. (the British)
The same will happen if the US Government attempts to introduce a dictatorship, or any other unlawful form of Government. Given that the US has yet to comprehend and produce a Democratic government, even by the loosest of definitions, they'd be well advised to stand down, and stand fast.