Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Four Years Since "Mission Accomplished"

Jeez, time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? Seems like just yesterday Prezdint Codpiece was prancing around on the carrier deck in front of that big-assed sign with a gym sock stuffed down the front of his flight suit.

Four years, and what has it meant?

Only 3,352 Americans dead, 272 Coalition Forces dead, 600,000 Iraqis dead, and no end in sight. Der Monkey Fuehrer is going to veto the Iraq spending bill because Congress has the nerve -- the unmitigated gall -- to do what the people who elected them to office want them to do, end the illegal Occupation of Iraq.

But he can't really do that yet, since there's been a few little glitches in the neocon wet dream to suck the oil out of the desert and give it to Halliburton.

Glitches like that pesky "last throes of the insurgency" that's been going on now for three fucking years.

Oh, yeah, and today he said that US withdrawal from Iraq could turn it into a "cauldron of chaos"... WTF? If it isn't chaos already, then I don't want to see real chaos.

The only answer is impeachment. To paraphrase Rethug/neocon secret hero George Wallace when he made his infamous stand in the schoolhouse door, "Impeachment now, impeachment tomorrow, impeachment forever!"

Yeah, I know some asshole is gonna start whining, "He was a Democrat" -- well, so was Strom "The Rapist" Thurmond back then, so bite me.


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jae said...

I saw Dennis put out the I word for DeadEye and thought that might have been the moment I decided my selection for the booth in 08. I do need to get him my stylists cell number tho (sorry, it's the colbert in me)

nunya said...

Another great one Farnsworth, but you forgot the "contractors."

Anonymous said...

It is all about increasing the price of oil so there are more profits. They don't want Iraq to produce oil or be stable, that would decrease the profits and with world record profits each quarter...