Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Mistakes Were Made"

Jesus, that's starting to sound like a leitmotif with the BFEE. That and "I don't recall" or my favorite, "I don't recall remembering that"...

So little Monica Goodling, one-time rising star in the Justice Department, and graduate of the Fundo-Xian Regence University "law" school, basically said that in her testimony today.

"I may have crossed the line" when it came to questioning applicants about their political beliefs.
And that's pretty much as close as she came to admitting anything even marginally illegal.

So I've got to wonder, why the big deal about taking the Fifth? Why the bargaining for limited immunity if this is all she's got? Yeah, she did break the law in erecting that litmus test, but she claims she didn't do it intentionally, she thought they were "rules", etc.

Well, that may be all of it, but I doubt it. I'm guessing that there's a lot more, and she is stonewalling.

After all, in the minds of the graduates of Regence University, this nation is in the grip of Satan and it's their job to wrestle the devil for the soul of the nation. What's a little perjury when it's done for the greater good.

Read the excerpts from her testimony over at Think Progress and see what you think.

And remember, Monica is not the only member of the current maladminstration who is a product of that fine academic instution -- there are some 150 others, all in impossibly high posts in the federal government, acting as sleeper cells for the Xian Revolution.

It's pretty scary stuff, and if they succeed in their goals of turning this into a Xian theocracy, people like me will be disappeared.


ursusdave said...

I could not find your email so I have to put this on here as a comment.

About a month ago, I found a blog posting that says most of America supported both the War In Vietnam and our military troops at the time. I am a Vietnam Era Veteran who has a completely different set of memories from that time. I am informing everyone whom I can about this idea being spread around on the World Wide Web that the Nam War and we warriors were AOK with most of the USA at the time. Previous to seeing the blog in question, I have never read nor heard of anyone remembering the time as being different from how I remember it. The blog is by a Mr. Christopher Estep of Marietta, Georgia. I ask anyone who can to contact him and tell him how they feel about this, one way or the other. I ask all media outlets to investigate this to see if it is a wider phenomenon than just one person making up and spreading lousy lies.

The big questions I have here are:

1) Who has Mr. Estep convinced that his lies are the truth?

2) In the future will he be convincing more people that he is telling the truth here?

3) Is there a larger group of other individuals who are spreading these lies also?

You can find a copy of the blog posting and of my reaction to it on my blog The Way That I See It Is or web search or do a blog search for my screen name, "ursusdave", to find it if you are like me and don't follow unsolicited links

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, Dave. You make some excellent points. Here's a clickable link to your blog.
This asshole Estep is part of the wingnut fringe who never saw a day in uniform and would piss his pants at the first RPG that landed within a half a mile of him.
It's fashionable on the right to rewrite history -- it has been forever, since they have nothing in their past to be proud of and a LOT to hide.
In the long run, as much as these motherfuckers piss me off, I believe it's not worth it to try to reason with them. They don't have a brain to reason with.
Remember my #2 Rule: I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.
Nevertheless, thank you for the heads up on your blog -- I'll be checking it regularly -- and thanks for your service.
Welcome home, brother.

billie said...

maybe we can share a cell block :)