Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Party of No. Really.

Nothing illustrates the two-year-old-with-a-bad-attitude-and-no-nap mentality of the Rethugs better than their carping over, of all things, the individual mandate in the health care bill that will pour multi-millions of dollars into the coffers of their fatcat bigshot buddies in Big Insurance.

They are, in fact, throwing political temper tantrums over it, to the point where a bunch of Rethug Attorneys General (including, sadly, my own state's) are actually filing suit in Federal Court to try to stop it.

But facts are pesky little things, and lost in the shuffle of course is the inconvenient fact that the GOOPers have a thirty year history of support for exactly this kind of mandate. And this includes Rethug heavy-hitters Plastic-hair Romney and Grampaw McCain.

If the Democrats were to introduce a bill which would give a no-strings-attached tax-free ten thousand dollars to each and every Republican office holder, they'd still shout it down just because it was "the enemy" that proposed it.

My mother used to call this "cutting off your nose to spite your face"...