Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bunning to Unemployed: "Tough Shit"

Back when I was still wet behind the ears, and still an avid baseball fan, Jim Bunning was one of my favorite pitchers. Back in those days, the late 50s--early 60s, he was sometimes known as "Gentleman Jim". He also threw an extremely rare perfect game against the NY Mets in 1964.

Which is a shame since from now on he'll be known mostly for being the senile old fucker (he's 78) of the Senate who personally held up passage of the bill to extend unemployment insurance for 1.3 million long-term unemployed.

His fellow senator, Jeff Merkley, when he asked Bunning to support the bill, got a "tough shit" for a response. On the floor of the senate. Remember when Dick Cheney said "go fuck yourself" to Senator Pat Leahy on the senate floor?

These are "family values" republicans, folks. You remember, the people that wanted to bring "decency" back to the government.

Anyway, I hate to see it happen. He's gone from Hall of Fame pitcher to being one of those cranky old men yelling "You kids get off my lawn!" to the rest of the country.

Sad, really.

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Anonymous said...

This Kentucky-Fried f@cktard gives Detroit a bad name, can't believe he played for a working-class team and now has this anti-masses attitude. He cost my brother another month of unemployment benefits he badly needed. There's only 35% unemployment in Macomb County, MI ALONE!