Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Christian White Trash Militia

Here are the arrested members of the Chrsitianist Militia group the Hutaree:

See why I call 'em the White Trash Militia?

Okay, all right already. I really do know that the term "White Trash" is offensive, that is usually applied to Southern Rednecks, etc etc etc. But give me a break.

I hate to do that old "judge a book by its cover" thing, but come on, these guys are just asking for it. I wonder who's gonna be lookin' after their trailers while they are in prison. Billy Joe? Mary Jane? Lee-Roy and Little Sissy?

Fortunately for whoever their intended victims were (police officers? Really?) they are also just plain stupid. They look stupid and they act stupider.

But, aside from the fact that they are all pretty funny-looking and apparently couldn't pour piss out of boot with the instructions written on the heel, there's really nothing funny about their toxic belief systems or their willingness to put those beliefs into action.

Once again we ignore these kinds of people at our peril. It was a case of the gang that couldn't shoot straight this time. We might not be so lucky next time.

And remember when the wingnuttery went apeshit over that government report that warned about homegrown terrorists?

News, guys: Denial is not a river in Egypt.

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Anonymous said...

What's worse is that my home state of Michigan is peppered with these ignorant f-tards... No wonder new business won't ever move here. This would be their minimum-wage workforce.