Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Blast from the Past

It's kind of funny how things have a way of coming to the surface, even months after the fact. On August 24th of last year I wrote a post entitled "Spitting on Nancy Pelosi".

Usually with blog posts they end up like yesterday's newspaper. Nobody reads them any more. But this entry seems to have grown some legs, as it were, and there have been over 20 comments, the most recent one today from, naturally, Anonymous:

I always thought liberals were tolerant and welcomed ALL opinions and diversity. I feel a lot of hate, name calling and stereo typing. Farnsworth68, you should be ashamed calling yourself a lefty.
To which I of course replied:
Anon, I'm a wingnut's worst nightmare, a gun-totin' meat-eatin' redneck liberal with a bad attitude. You must be used to dealing with wimpy pussified liberals like those in the US Senate. Not this guy, dude.
I mean, really. What part of "Pissed Off Veteran" didn't he get?


Anonymous said...

Dear OPOV, Concerning Dennis Guthrie's so-called letter to Ms. Pelosi...

TWO bronze stars? That's pretty edgy and indicates some serious fighting - for a guy who served in the JAG office. Typewriter fall off the desk or something?

Charles Raper Jonas is remembered for what exactly? (Guthrie's choice of heroes.)

Tom, George, Ben, and friends were fighting Marxism and socialism? Damn! I must have missed several years of history classes as I didn't know that.

Son of a gun, who'd a thought that such an ardent Republican would want worker's rights for anyone (as that would interfere with ideal free market economy) but most especially for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

Old Nancy extorted that plane from steadfast George, Dick, and a majority Republican congress? That's some wiley old gal to pull that off.

He objects to Nancy criticizing presidents of companies who have produced something for this country while attacking her and her husband for having profitable companies that produce something for this country. Of course, I have my own opinion of what corporatism has produced for this country.

I have to wonder where his confused anger was during Bush's eight years. (I guess it's belaboring the obvious to mention the lack of military service from Bush and Cheney or the hemorrhaging of money, or the lies, or the warrantless searches, or suspension of habeus corpus, or ......) Maybe the old boy was hibernating? I'll bet that's it as he makes it clear that everything was just peachy until the past year.

I think this guy is claiming the bronze colored service star as the bronze star for valor. Either he doesn't know the difference - which makes him a ****** idiot - or he is claiming bravery and action that he never possessed or performed and that is even worse.

I have noticed that there is a tendency among Republicans to claim military service and action that they never performed. The more they love war and hold it up as the ultimate patriotism (for someone else)the less likely they or their children have ever been near it and the more likely they are to take great pains that they never will be near it.

Guthrie's fear, timidity, and self-hatred are obvious. It would be pitiful were it not so poisonous and apparently contagious.

Rock on, OPOV!!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that I received the Guthrie letter via email from an acquaintance about three days before your "Another Blast From the Past" posting. It's odd how these bizarre nonsensical right wing emails just keep circulating.