Sunday, March 28, 2010

Americans Don't Like Church Politicking

I was doing a little web surfing, "news cruising", on one of my favorite topics, the separation of church and state, this morning and I discovered something interesting.

Despite what the new Texas textbooks are going to say, regardless of the so-called Alliance Defense Fund's "pulpit Sunday" movement -- in which they encourage local pastors to flaunt the law and engage in partisan politicking from the pulpit, and the claims by those pastors that "the American people are behind us", several new or relatively new polls and surveys put the lie to that.

The distinguished and reliable Pew Research Center has a report entitled "More Americans Question Religion's Role in Politics" that contains some troubling statistics for the troublemakers over at ADF: By clear majorities the American people think that churches should stay out of politics, and that includes Republicans by 51%!

Plus two-thirds of all respondents say that churches should never endorse one candidate over another!

In the meantime, there's a similar story on the Baptist Press website, "Americans wary of pulpit endorsements", which shows an even greater consensus. In answer to the survey statement "I believe it is appropriate for pastors to publicly endorse candidates for public office during a church service", 13% said that they Somewhat Disagreed, and a whopping 74% said they Strongly Disagreed.

According to my math, that leaves a tiny slice of the populace, just 13%, who think it's okay for this crap to go on.

So why do those fuckers over at ADF want to continue this crap?

It all comes down to they money. Every time they can whip up a media frenzy over their "free speech" rights being trampled, their running-dog lackeys can drum up a new wave of cash so they can help protect this great nation from the pernicious influences of the atheist-socialist-fascist-communist forces of evil that are tying to kick god out of the churches and institute their maliciously infectious "social gospel" into it.

You know, that whole heal-the-sick-minister-to-the-poor-kick-the-moneychangers-out-of-temple crap that their savior thought he stood for.

Turns out he was wrong. Jeez, who knew?


Footnote: It turns out that the ADF receives a substantial portion of its operating money from the Prince foundation, whose VP is Erik Prince (remember him? The Blackwater guy?)

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Anonymous said...

I'd almost rather stay here and slay demons come Rapture time or burn in hell than spend eternity with these functionally stupid zealots in their right-wing thumper rethug ideal of heaven. Then again, I'm not exactly ultra-catholic, at best I'm agnostic now. I always figured any brand of God gave most of us a frontal lobe and 2 accesory chromasomes to develop and move on, yet these aholes with too much power and money, despite being a minority, force their backward bullcrap on all of us. No wonder the rest of the world is laughing behind our back...