Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Mother Theresa Stamp Conspiracy

Here's The Daily Show's hilarious sendup of The DaVinci Code, graphically illustrating the vast but secret conspiracy between the Catholic Church and the US Postal Service:

While the segment is, of course, strictly for laughs, it's too bad that Dan Barker, the guy from the Freedom from Religion Foundation lent his presence to it. Despite his not-so-obvious reference to Christopher Hitchens' commentary on Mother Theresa in Newsweek from 2007, Theresa: Light and Dark, allegedly exposing the "dark side" of the future saint, he comes off as one of those comically bent and wild-eyed "conspiracy theorists" that the media loves to ridicule. (Never mind that a lot of them may be right, that's not what the media is all about...but that's a topic for another post.)

It kind of gives a black eye to us non-theists everywhere when this kind of thing happens, but what're you gonna do? It's comedy.