Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We're Back!

And none the worse for wear, I might add. We saw plenty of bears, HUGE ravens, and especially a lot of bald eagles, but didn't fall victim to any of them.

It was our first trip to Alaska, and I was not surprised by the clean air and the clear water.

I was surprised by the large number of float planes that had a habit of taking off right outside our window, starting at 6:00 AM and continuing just long enough to prevent us from getting any more sleep.

Alaskans are a special breed of people, I've learned. When we arrived, my son's boss took the day off and the three of us drove up in the mountains where we drank beer and shot pistols. I had the opportunity to shoot a fifty caliber handgun, and it was not only huge and heavy (I had to steady it with both hands), but it also kicked like a Missouri mule.

Hmmm, guns and alcohol, I can hear you say. There's no way this is going to end well.

Well, you would be wrong. Like I said, Alaskans are a special breed, and I guess they know what they're doing, since we all came back down the mountain with our skins unmarred and our body parts attached.

So I am still tired from the trip, but glad to be back. More tomorrow after I've had some rest.


Anonymous said...

Glad, you and your family had fun and are safe. Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your posts.

nunya said...

Welcome back :)