Thursday, August 21, 2008

Privatizing the VA -- Another McCain "Support the Troops" Idea

I learned today the Grampaw McCain has said he wants to privatize the VA Health Care system. That's a play right out of the neocon "drown it in the bathtub" ideology, and it's one that is opposed by virtually ALL of the veterans' groups in the nation.

So why, in the face of all of the facts militating against him (check the top three anti-McCain sites on my links list) when it comes to his non-existent "support" for America's veterans, is he still claiming that he's the veterans' friend?

How is he getting away with this crap? Well, I think it's because the media is still creaming its shorts over McCain, the way they always have been, and no one wants to step up and ask the hard questions, bring out the inconvenient facts, and show the nation that Grampaw is nothing more than a doddering old fool who should count himself lucky if he wasn't videotaped drooling his gruel down his grizzled chin.

But no, that good ole "leftwing media bias" is at work, and after all, if they were to show Grampaw for the aged and infirm, incipient-senility old timer that he really is, there really wouldn't be much of a contest in the election, and without that all-important horse race, they won't be able to sell advertising.

Follow the money. It was true back in the day, and it's still true now.

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JOSEPH said...

This is just another right wing attack on the military.