Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Unthinkable

It has developed over in the UK that after Tony "The Poodle" Blair's surprise conversion to the Roman Catholic church, a survey was done of the Labour Party cabinet members: More than half of them are non-believers!

It shows a major difference between the UK and the US. Pete Stark aside, the vast majority of non-believers in this country are still in the closet and would likely sooner admit to stomping kittens than being even an agnostic, let alone an outright atheist.

But even more startling in the report out of the UK is the fact that Foreign Secretary David Millibrand is on track to become Prime Minister!

The odds of something similar happening here are about the same as an icicle's chances of survival in Furnace Creek.

And that's too bad, because as I've long held, an individual's religion or lack thereof is a deeply personal matter and shouldn't have any effect on his or her eligibility for office ("no religious test"). Yet another example as to why "Old Europe" is so far ahead of us in so many ways.