Monday, August 11, 2008

...and Speaking of Lies

I see that our old buddy, Jerome "The Liar" Corsi is at it again. Not content to rest on his laurels after successfully sliming John Kerry four years ago with that scurrilous piece of garbage entitled Unfit to Command, chock full of lies that it was, Corsi has just come out with a companion attack piece on (who else?) Barack Obama.

His new attack is called Obama Nation (i.e., "abomination" -- a little too cutesy-pie for the content, but what do I know?) and, if that's possible, it appears to be worse even than his skewering of Kerry.

Over at AlterNet there's a lengthy review of Corsi's new tome, and, unlike what you'll no doubt see in the MSM/SCLM, this review actually calls Corsi to task for his lies and misrepresentations.


Corsi writes of Obama campaign blogger Sam Graham-Felsen, "After leaving Harvard, Graham-Felsen published an article in an avowedly socialist magazine" [Page 148]. Corsi goes on to assert that "Writing in Socialist Viewpoint in the May/June 2006 issue, Graham-Felsen discussed a trip to Paris in which he participated in leftist street riots that involved a controversial employment law designed to facilitate the ability of French companies to fire workers under twenty-six years old."
In fact, the article Corsi presents as having been "published in an avowedly socialist magazine" was actually published in April 2006 in The Nation, and reprinted by the Socialist Viewpoint. This is clearly indicated on the Socialist Viewpoint website for which Corsi provides the link. The same Graham-Felsen article was also reprinted at The May/June 2006 issue of Socialist Viewpoint also reprinted articles from the February 27, 2006, edition of Detroit Free Press, and from the March 29, 2006, edition of London's The Guardian.

There are a lot more examples showing that all of the lies are easily refutable by the slightest amount of research.

Do yourself a favor and read it. And you might also want to commit some of the major ones to memory, for the next time that idiot rightwing brother-in-law of yours starts to get a little too cocky about Obama.