Monday, August 11, 2008

Fighting Fire with Fire

I've always said that the Dems tend to show up at a gunfight with a butter knife, and that's why we've lost so many elections.

Over at Monkey Muck, I stumbled on the following letter, with the intent being email guerilla warfare, to fuck up the right the way they always do us. I'm not, of course, advocating that anyone actually do this (nudge-nudge, wink-wink), but Monkey von Monkerstein's advice is to spam the world with scurrilous lies about Grampaw Mac the way the wingnuttery spams the Internets with all of those false claims about Obama.

Here's the suggested text of the letter:

This is amazing!
Did you know that when John McCain was a POW in Vietnam he spilled his guts under pressure? He claims that when asked to give the names of the men in his squadron he gave the Commies the names of the Green Bay Packers. But recently he said it was the Pittsburgh Steelers. Which is it? The Packers or the Steelers?
Or is this bigger than they will admit?
Sources in the military intelligence community say this could be a case of brainwashing. They claim that McCain could have been brainwashed into being a spy for the Vietnamese and their pals the Commies in Red China and that he'll deliver then all our state secrets as soon as he's sworn in. Think about it. It all makes sense. His backers in business and industry are already doing big business in China and they are now dependant on the Chinese government to keep their cost of doing business low and to supply them with a steady stream of workers. Big business then turns around and gives money to McCain. When, or should I say if, he takes the oath of office he'll be doing it on a Bible that's been made in China and then the floodgates will open and the Chinese will have free reign over not just our businesses but also our military, the CIA, the FBI, and everything else.
Spread the word that if we all want to keep America free we need to vote for Barack Obama and not for the tool of the Communists, John McCain.

As The Monkey says, cut and paste it, and then "send this out to anybody and everybody and if you get it in your inbox then forward it along again. Let's see how far this will go and if the corporate media picks it up."

Hmmmmm..... In the words of all those classic movies, "It's crazy, but ... it just might work!"