Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Urban Legends Name Game

For forty years I've been a fan and a connoisseur of Urban Legends -- even before they were called "urban legends" -- so it was with a lot of not-so-secret glee that I took the Urban Legends Name Game test over at the About.com Urban Legends site (Snopes is also a primo reference source for urban legends).

Go ahead and take the test yourself. It will increase your knowledge and expertise with urban legends, and it will help you to remember to take everything you see on The Internets with a grain -- if not a pound -- of salt.

BTW, I got 33 out of 35 correct. Frankly, it was a little disappointing, since I consider myself an expert on the topic, but it just goes to show you that life is a constant process of learning new stuff.

1 Comment:

jae said...

I only got 27 but that was because I was taking the questions literally instead on in legend mode...