Wednesday, April 09, 2008

McCain's Medical Records

Much is being made over the fact that Grampaw McCain keeps putting off the release of his medical records (now the date has been moved to sometime in May), so much in fact that it's starting to raise questions.

For example, it's no secret that McCain has had two serious bouts with malignant melanoma, and it appears that he is having more than his share of "senior moments" lately.

As a melanoma survivor -- so far -- myself, I can't imagine it not being an issue if I were running for the presidency, but McCain brushes off any questions about it with a generic "my health is great" answer. And while I'm a bit younger than McCain, I still experience a few senior moments myself; however, if I were having as many as he seems to, I'd personally be more than a little concerned by their frequency. As should the American people, if I were running for president.

These are normal questions that need to be asked before we vote for the next president of the United States, but so far we aren't getting any answers.

I have a couple of separate but equal theories about Grampaw's unwillingness to disclose his medical records:

  1. He really does have a clean bill of health, but he's waiting until the Democratic nominee (i.e., Barack Obama) starts making a case about the apparent secrecy of his medical records, at which point he will make a big show of providing them. This will result in any further attempts on the part of the Democrats to bring up any health issues being dismissed as mere ageism, or mean-spirited low-class below-the-belt attacks on a poor old man.

  2. He really does not have a clean bill of health, but since he's now only the presumptive nominee, he's waiting until after the convention blesses him and his carefully-hand-picked and overwhelmingly-qualified VP (no, I don't know who that could be, but I do notice that the Mittens Boy seems to be do a lot of hanging around...), at which time the Rethugs will breathe a collective sigh of relief, the way they did when St Ronald picked Bush 41 way back in 1980 -- in retrospect, I think that a number of Gooper insiders knew even back then that Ronnie Raygun was in the beginning stages of alzheimers. Then McCain will dramatically reveal the awful truth, whatever it happens to be, and according to plan he will win the election with a sympathy vote and subsequently resign for "health reasons" some time in the new year. After all, he has already mentioned that he probably won't run for a second term -- is that a subtle hint?

Okay there are my theories. Could be either, a mixture of both, or neither. Or something else entirely.

BTW, remember when the wingnuttery tried to make a big fucking deal -- aided and abetted by the MSM/SCLM -- about John Kerry "refusing" to release his medical records in 2004? Where are they now, when their own boy is apparently trying to pull the same bullshit?

Yeah, that's what I thought: This is "different"...