Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kwak Kwak Kwak

All right, this had all the earmarks of a bad political joke. But sadly -- shockingly -- it's true. A Korean joker named Chung Hwan Kwak, a major sidekick of Sun Myung Moon had his photo taken with Baby Doc and The Liberian:

Big deal, you say. Lots of people get their pictures taken with the First Fascists. Yeah, but do a lot of them also make such stupid public statements as "Judaism committed a historical sin in front of Jesus, so Jewish people experienced the Holocaust under Hitler. Without God's permission, would it really have been possible for Hitler to do such a massacre?"

Kwak is the Moonie head of their publishing propaganda arm, the notorious Washington Times newspaper, and he is a piece of work. Over at the always-valuable Talk to Action site, there's an extensive exposé of this thug, and it's not pretty to read.

Oh, and here's a short video of The Moon Man himself condemning "free sex" and the history of literature and media that promotes it:

These fuckers are beyond scary, and watch for such Xian stalwarts as Orrin Hatch on stage singing the praises of The Moon Man.

Beyond scary.


pepsiholic said...

I agree with you on this issue Farns and I think you should write something about those religious perves down in Texas.

nunya said...

This guy is really scary. For more go here:

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