Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Song Parody

Meme for Maverick
(Theme from Maverick television series*, © 2008)

Who is that bumblin' old man there?
"Maverick" is his claim.
It's all made up from thin air,
Lies are his companions,
Media is to blame.
They always give him a free pass,
"Maverick" is their frame.
They all line up to kiss his ass,
Givin' up their ethics,
Addin' to his fame.

McCain thinks war is swell,
He'll march us straight to hell.
Cash from the lobbys what he likes to find.
Baghdad to old Tehran,
He wants to drop The Bomb.
John McCain is a legend in his mind.

[For my younger readers: Maverick was a television show from the late 1950s; you can read the normal lyrics and listen to the music here]