Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Real McCain Interview

Today George Stephanopolous, stalking horse for Hillary Clinton and not-so-secret GOP operative, will interview Grampaw McCain.

Given his recent Hannity-induced trashing of Barack Obama in the last "debate", here's a video of how his interview with McCain ought to go.

But those are the questions he won't ask, because he's a rightwing media tool.

Drop by The Real McCain for more great stuff.

[Update: For some reason that embedded video blew out the CSS, so I removed the embed and substituted the link, and things seem okay now.]


pepsiholic said...

Hey Farns, are you sure it was Hannity induced? It sounds like the Ayers connection was making the news rounds before Hannity asked the question:

...Soon, the story turned up in the mainstream American press: in the Bloomberg news service, a Washington Post blog, and the New York Sun. An overview of the Ayers-Obama connection, published on on Feb. 22, circulated widely on the Internet...
...Among the mainstream reporters looking into the Ayers story, it turned out, was Jake Tapper, ABC's senior political correspondent. Tapper outlined Ayers's background in a April 10 blog entry titled "Stormy Weather." He also asked Obama about Ayers on the campaign trail, but didn't get an answer, ABC spokesman Schneider said.

Hence, Schneider said, the Ayers question was posed in the debate....

It sure is funny that anyone who questions your messiah or asks him hard questions gets labeled as a right wing tool. You guys are starting to sound like muslems when anyone says anything bad about Mohammed... All this whining and gnashing of teeth...

Diodotus said...


Thanks for this friend. Am working hard on several of my neocon Mccain supporting former students.

NetAgra said...

Greetings Farns,

Say, that YouTurd posting blew up your blog in my browser - actually, all of my browsers!

Signed: Man of Many Browsers