Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lincoln the Elitist

Just ran across this one, from the Freeway Blogger:

Transcript from "Hannity's America" November 20, 1863
Sean Hannity: Well, we've got the transcript right here and it looks like Mr. Lincoln's really put his foot in it this time. The question for our panelists is: "After Gettysburg, Does Lincoln still have a chance for re-election?" Pat?
Pat Buchanan: I'd have to say no Sean. Right from the start he's set himself up as another liberal elitist, hopelessly out of touch with the voters. "Four Score and Seven..." The number he's looking for is eighty-seven. Maybe if he put down his chablis and brie plate for a minute he'd understand how real people actually speak.
Go read the rest of it. It's absolutely hilarious.