Thursday, September 27, 2012

Now It's Getting Personal

Word comes today that an unnamed Republican senator has put a block on a bill to give disabled veterans a modest increase in disability benefits.

As you all know, I am a disabled Vietnam veteran, so this hits me right in the breadbasket. And it's so typical of the RepubliCONS to do something like this under the cover of darkness, as it were, and hide from the public scrutiny -- the public scorn -- that would deservedly be heaped on him if he came right out into the light of day.

Does anyone need further proof that the RepubliCON Party does not have the best interests of America's veterans in mind?

And the bigger question is this: Are they trying to lose elections? What's going on here?

Well, if losing elections is what they want, let's give it to them. Vote Democratic, all the way down the ballot. Let's get these pond-scum dwellers in darkness out of office as fast as we can.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that most veterans continue to blindly vote Republican, thereby voting against their own best interest.

Anonymous said...

GOPigs only consider those soldiers killed in combat as heroes. They criticize and smear those who come back alive, and especially those who disagree with their narrow minded regressive views. Proof? Look how Max Cleland, John Kerry and Tammy Duckworth are disrespected by the GOPigs.

Anonymous said...

They are trying to lose. And they have succeeded. Hopefully Bam will grow a pair and actually do something about thw wait time at the Waco TX V.A- more than a year.

Bill from Dover said...

My first guess would be Paul Rand.

Anonymous said...

I.m with ya brother!

Anonymous said...

They've always given nothing but lip-service to vets.


Anonymous said...

Republicans ignore disabled veterans because they cannot make a profit from them. The will, though, happily send others off to war, because that means war contracts and large profits.

John Harvey said...

As a Vietnam and Desert Storm vet I completely agree.

Kevin McFerren said...

When I served in the '80s, I was a good little Reaganite, mostly conservative but with some liberal leanings. After getting out and working civvie-style for a few years, I realized how much of a putz I was and started actually THINKING about the issues, instead of parroting con talking points.

It was about this time that I realized the Repubs didn't care about vets, and never would. Happily send kids off to war, but afterwards? Eh, fuck'em.
I turned Progressive and never looked back.

Anthony Pitman said...

I'm not a veteran and thank you for your service. Know that I would willingly pay more taxes for you men and women. Also Crooks and Liars linked to this post so congrats. Glad to see others noticing your writing.

timr said...

Am a vet. 68-75 USAF and 75-80 USA Vietnam 70-71 and 75-78 in Korea.
Got out on disability in 80, now 100% disabled.
I started out voting for Nizon in 72 because he claimed he could get us out of Vietnam. Which he did.Abandoning
our S.Vietnam "allies" was not artfully done. Altho S. Vietnam was the most corrupt country that the US military was involved in, until Afghanistan.
Despite what the Generals and the pundits say, I along with a great many Vietnam Vets see a whole bunch of similarities.
I spent many years reading every book on Vietnam that I could find.(when we moved I sold off my library of over 3000 books, now I keep most of my books on Kindle)
When our youngest graduated from HS we decided that going someplace warm was a great idea. So we moved to SoTexas, didn't know anyone here, but still here 9 years later(and Texas teats Vets great here. 100% disability I don't have to pay any property taxes-there is no state income tax here along with lots of other benefits)
I still read a ton of history and now spread out to reading SciFi
I am adding your blog on my list of favorites Looks like you have some excellent thoughts and can write them up much better than I can. I write a LTE to my local paper every month-about 98% get published.

timr said...

I also think it was Rand who slapped the hold on. He said it was because of some policy that he did not like. Something that had nothing to do with VA or maybe even DoD.
OR, it could just be that he was following the rethug/teahadist collective #1 priority, make sure Obama does not get reelected.
In which case, anything-like a bill for vets-would need to be stopped. The House, OTOH, just adjourned rather than do anything that might possibly maybe give Obama a few votes