Friday, September 07, 2012

Don't Like "Socialism"?

If you don't like SOCIALISM:

If you are one of those "self-made" men (or women) who was born in a log cabin that you built yourself and consequently don't like "socialism", then maybe you ought to heed the following advice.
Failure to do so may result in you being labeled a hypocrite.

1. Stay off the Interstate Highway system -- for that matter, stay off all of the public streets. That includes most sidewalks as well. Good luck on getting around, but look at the money you'll save in not paying taxes at the pump for gasoline subsidized by the government, for the car that you no longer have, having given it up when you learned that it was built by General Motors with its socialist government subsidies.
2. While you're at it, stay out of the parks and public libraries. Assuming you could find a "non-socialist" way of getting there.
3. Don't drink milk or consume dairy products -- dairy producers get government subsidies. As do meat producers, wheat farmers, potato growers... In fact you'd better not eat anything, just to be on the safe side. Besides, by eating food passed as "safe for human consumption" by the socialist food inspection system, you're just perpetuating the tyranny.
4. Don't use the postal system. How do you think the Post Office can deliver a letter anywhere in the country for 44 cents? Socialism.
5. Don't call the fire department if your house catches fire and don't call the police if your house is broken into. Those are socialist government entities who exist because of pooled tax money to ameliorate pooled risk. Socialism!
6. Don't draw Social Security and don't use Medicare. This is obvious.
7. If you become unemployed through no fault of your own (e.g., when you are "downsized" by Bain Capital), don't file for unemployment insurance. This should also be obvious.
8. Stay out of the public schools, colleges and universities. Socialism in action, plus breeding grounds for young socialists. But you already know this.
9. In many parts of the country, you also can't use electricity. It's up to you to check and make sure that your electricity does not come from the public power system, such as Public Utility Districts, the TVA, etc. If it does, flip that switch. Ditto for your daily production of bodily effluents (AKA, "piss" and "shit", for those of you who are home-schooled). Don't just flush them into the socialist underworld of community sewers beneath your feet. Use your back yard. Your neighbors won't mind as long as you make it clear that you are refusing to use the socialist government monopoly that is waste treatment. Besides, after a few days of refusing to eat that socialist food which you now eschew and refusing to drink socialist water from the kitchen tap, this problem ought to solve itself.
10. Make sure that your church is not receiving any federal money under the so-called "Faith Based Initiative" program. Those are tax dollars and you know that all taxes are socialist and do you really want you or your church to be tainted by them? I didn't think so.
11. And finally, if you are serious about avoiding "socialism", you really need to do something to stop the largest socialist entity in the entire world from existing -- and that's the US Defense system. It's socialist from top to bottom and at its core -- a blatant redistribution of wealth with an authoritarian top-down command structure. Soviet Russia sound familiar, anyone?

And BTW, good luck on that whole "self reliance and self-defense" thing with those guns of yours. You're going to need a lot of luck existing without the protection of the police or the armed services.
What's that you say? You can't really be expected to actually adhere to all of these?
Yeah, that's what I thought.

Fucking Hypocrite...


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Interesting. Copied and pasted for over 11 years now, so no points for originality. Alas.

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