Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Closing "Loopholes"

So far Mittens has kind of doubled down on his ridiculous and elitist claims about the 47% while at the same time trying like hell to backpedal his way out of them. While his campaign is long on "trust me I'm rich and I know best" and short on actual details, one thing keeps popping up: Closing so-called "loopholes" in the tax system.

A totally-not-even-careful analysis of that claim results in one inescapable conclusion. The loopholes he wants to close have to be things like the mortgage deduction, the dependents deduction, the charitable giving deduction (unless it goes to a church, naturally) and the state and local (income, sales and property) tax deductions.

In short, the last refuge of the vanishing middle class. But hey, since he thinks that median income in this country is in the $250,000 a year range, it won't really be a burden on citizens. Besides, if you really need some quick cash, you can always borrow $20,000 from your parents...

Even though Obama is ahead in the polls (for now) I'm still having anxiety over the possibility that we are still just one October Surprise away from having a Romney-Ryan administration come January. That's why it is so important that we all do whatever we can to ensure the re-election of Barack Obama. If you aren't already doing so, volunteer for phone banks, do doorbelling, wave signs, anything. Contact your local Democratic Party headquarters and tell them you are ready to go to work. We can't afford to let the Ayn Rand Romneyites win this one!

And don't forget the down-ballot races. It's equally important that we elect Democrats to all offices. In the timeless words of my good friend the retired Navy captain(!), "I don't want a Republican to be elected dog catcher!"

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Sarge said...

Remember Mike Pence - one of the high preists if the gospel of "No"?
Well, Mikee is running for Governoor here in IU land and he just this week he said that, "Marraige prevents poverty".
So? There aren't any poor people?

Look, I was at U-Tapao went the shit in Nam went under and I am a retired USAF senior E - I have no idea what you went through in the Nam - I was spared that, but I thank you for going and doing.

I did a lot of going and doing too.

You have Great post!
Carry on!