Thursday, February 19, 2009

You Go, Greta!

And I mean that literally. Faux News's famous Face-Made-For-Radio Greta Van Sufferin Susteren is going all frothy at the mouth over the wasteful travel spending of Barack Obama:

If you read the prior two blog entries, you know that I am stunned that the President and VP have such a tin ear — that in this time of great economic terror they flew to Denver to sign a bill that former Presidents signed outside the Oval Office in the Rose Garden. And, making it all the more stunning, they did not “jet pool” — they flew separately at great cost to taxpayers for a trip that simply did not have to be….so what is the White House explanation for the $$$$$$$$ EXTRAVAGANZA? (yes, YOUR $$$)
I'm not providing a link to that quote (I don't want to add to her Google rating), but it's on Greta's blog, which you can look up for yourself.

The most important part of that is her suggestion that Obama and Biden "jet pool". Greta, you poor moronic mouthpiece of the Far Right, the reason that the President and Vice President never travel on the same plane is obvious to the most dull-witted third grader: If the plane crashes, we lose both of them!

So, girlfriend, where was that concern during the last eight years, when your two fantasy beloveds, Baby Doc and Darth Cheney, never flew on the same plane? No where, that's where.

And while we're on the topic of tone-deaf wastrels squandering public dollars in unnecessary travel, where's your concern for your newest BFF, Governor Wolf Killer, and the many thousands of dollars in public money she scarfed up so her daughters could go with her to various "official" (i.e., not official) events?

If you weren't so enthralled in your pathetic schoolgirl crush on Sarah Palin, you might be asking those kinds of questions yourself.

To get back to the title of this post: You go, Greta! And, yes I do mean that literally. Get the fuck outta here. Maybe you and your new BFF can snuggle up in an igloo on the North Slope after you've poached some tasty caribou and baby polar bear for dinner.

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Alicia Morgan said...

God - the stupid - it burns!!!