Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hypocrisy? That's Too Mild a Term

Who knew that the Rethugs would be THIS hypocritical? It wasn't that long ago when they were in the majority in congress and demonized the Dems for being "obstructionist" and threatening the use of the filibuster in order to prevent the Rethugs from getting their own way.

Remember when the shrill call by the majority party in the senate was for a "straight up and down vote" for every fucking piece of fascist legislation or Supreme Court "justice" that Bushco Inc. tried to ram through?

Remember that????

Okay, I know that you do and I do, but apparently the CPM* has such a short attention span that they can't recall a single thing about it. Now it's all of those nasty Dems who are trying to push their radical liberal agenda off on the American people, and it's only the time-honored and sacred power of the filibuster that is saving this nation from a descent into the maelstrom.

Like I say, you can never go broke underestimating the ability of the GOOPers to raise hypocrisy to new heights. They will always exceed even the most lavish expectations. I think we need a new word, since the old meaning of hypocrisy is way too mild, too neutral, too wussy to describe what these assholes are showing us.

And you Dems: Stop with the goddam enabling already, and let's all join together in relegating the Rethug Party to its well deserved final destination, that well-known and well-deserved "dustbin of history".

[* CPM = Capitalist Pig Media]


NetAgra said...

F-Man, hey - what's up over at icasualties.org?

My linkages keep coming back broken. Know anyone over there?

Ben There said...

Amen, brother.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, guys.
NA, it seems to work for me. Here's a link I just used -- they have the front end set up a little differently now, with just links to Iraq and Afghanistan.
--The F Man

mrln said...

Another word for hypocrite? How about Pharisee? Hit 'em below the Bible belt, I say.

Alicia Morgan said...

Good lord, POV - even though I never expected anything else from them, I'm still agog. All I have to do (any of us, for that matter!) is look back on my posts during the Bush Dark Ages. Clintonia, here we come!