Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Mojave Cross

In a case that is sure to set precedent for the lawsuit brewing over that huge ugly cross at the National Cemetery in San Diego, the Supremes have agreed to hear a case stemming from the erection of a smaller cross in the Mojave Desert east of LA.

Because it's on public land, it's an issue, and this will give us our first look at where a Roberts Court is going to come down when it comes to church-state issues.

And frankly, I'm not at all optimistic, given the current makeup of the court. Recall that it was Sandra Day O'Connor just four years ago who cast the deciding fifth vote in the 5-4 Kentucky Ten Commandments decision (McCreary County v. ACLU of Kentucky).

Since then O'Connor made her precipitous -- and in my opinion nearly-fatal-for-civil-liberties -- departure from the court, to be replaced by our old buddy, "Stripsearch Sammy" Scalito. And I think it's pretty clear how he'll stand on church-state issues.

This will bear watching. Arguments will be heard in October of this year, so here's hoping that we have some changes on the court before then. While I'm not wishing for anything bad to happen to any of the Fatal Five (Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Kennedy) so that Obama can appoint a liberal to the court in their place...

Oh, bullshit, of course I'm wishing for that. It's a long time to October, and anything can happen.

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Anonymous said...

You think You're Pissed Off? About 10 days ago I read about the mojave cross for the first time. I live about 110 miles away from it. Here is the link to my first experience with the mojave cross.


Go look at the video before continuing reading my post.

After see this, I was shocked. I sat, staring out in space for perhaps a day, wondering what happened to our country, our judges, our sense of values? I thought about God, and Jesus and why did God spare me from certain death so many times considering I really wasn't a christian until later in life?

It finally hit me, why God had spared me so many times, why I led such a wonderous life considering what a low-life piece of shit I had become. This is the great battle that I have prepared for all my life. I started a website devoted to the entire mess, you can see it at


I also became an ordained christian minister. My plans quickly evolved. I contacted Sen. Jerry Lewis about getting the plywood removed for Easter Sunrise Services, so far no return call or email. I am hoping for intervention from the good Senator. Now, what happens if I don't get permission to remove the plywood or have someone from the NPS remove it for our services on Easter? I am prepared to go to jail. I am prepared to fight and die for that cross that represents freedom and God.