Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More From Our "Who Knew?" Department

Jeez, is this a terrific day for oddball news or what?

Little Bristol Palin throws her mother -- and abstinence-only sex education -- under the bus.

After two campaigns -- one for governor of Alaska and one for the Rethug VP job -- during which she flogged so-called abstinence only sex education as the only way to approach the problem of teenage sexuality and teenage pregnancy, Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol appeared on Faux News to say that abstinence is "not realistic at all":

Bristol scheduled an interview with mom's pandering BFF Greta Van Susteren of Fox News. But she didn't tell mom until 24 hours before, probably because she was planning to personally insult Jesus, and the former Republican vice presidential nominee would not like it.
After describing the difficulty of being a teen mom, Britsol told Van Susteren abstinence is the best policy, but is not realistic because it's not the 19th Century any more, not even in Alaska.
She said she didn't "want to get into detail about" other reasons abstinence is unrealistic, though we're guessing it might be because Bristol failed to control her teenaged hormones and, being without ready access to condoms, got pregnant at 17 to an ill-tempered failed hockey player who has yet to finish high school or, judging from what Bristol told Fox, secure employment of any sort, other than doing odd jobs for his father.
Like I always say, you can't make this shit up. But I'm of two minds about this little display: One, I'm glad that one of the more prominent victims of abstinence-only sex-ed is speaking out and maybe this will carry a little weight in Rethug circles (yeah, okay, I'm a dreamer--give me a break), but Two, I'm a little apprehensive that this might keep Lady Wolf Killer from running for president next time, and those of us over here in snarky Left Blogistan need a ready-made comic relief candidate.