Monday, February 09, 2009

Bipartisanship -- Still a No Starter

On the one hand President Obama deserves at least some credit, I guess, for his attempt to reach out to the Rethugs and at least try to be bipartisan, on the theory, I guess, that it's better to have them inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in.

The only problem with that is that those Rethugs in Congress are not housebroken. You can let them inside, but they end up shitting on your floor, pissing in your beer and trying to monopolize your remote control.

You know, kind of like your IBIL* did last Xmas at the family get-together.

Okay, now that he's made the effort, it's time to let the American people know that the hand of friendship that was extended to the Rethugs came back with some bite marks on it, and the next time that hand is extended, it might draw back a bloody stump or two where there used to be fingers.

Give it up and shove those fuckers to the curb. And what the fuck is up with appointing a Rethug to the cabinet? Okay, I know that I argued for Rethug cabinet appointments a while back, but that was with the idea that Obama would take Rethug senators from states with Democratic governors, who would in turn appoint Democrats to the empty slots, thereby guaranteeing that all-important 60-vote filibuster-proof majority.

Memo to Barack Obama: So WTF were you thinking when you cut that deal with New Hampshire to get their Rethug senator -- who BTW doesn't even like you and doesn't believe in the kinds of things you believe in -- by forcing the Democratic governor to appoint another Rethug in his place? What would the Rethugs do if the shoe were on the other foot and their president were to appoint a Democrat to the cabinet (okay, I know I'm stretching a bit here), but only if the Rethug governor of that state were to appoint another Dem?

Okay, trick question: That scenario would never happen.

It's beyond me why the Dems want to play that bipartisan game anyway. Didn't they get enough over the last how-many-years that the Rethugs were on top, and crushed the Dems under the hobnailed heels of their jackboots? What is this, some kind of weird political Stockholm Syndrome?

President Obama, in the words of the late and not lamented Baby Doc, you've got political capital and you need to spend it.

And memo to Harry Reid and the Dems in the senate: If the Rethugs threaten a filibuster, call their bluff, make them actually filibuster, and show the American people who is being obstructionist and who isn't. The average member of the Moron-American Voting Bloc needs to see -- really see -- who wants to get this country moving again and who is stopping that progress.

[* IBIL = Idiot Brother-in-Law]

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mrln said...

OK, now I feel validated.
Why doesn't Reid make those obstructionists filibuster? Let 'em talk till they drop! This is an undeclared civil war, and we better start using guerilla tactics or we're gonna lose.