Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'll Be Back...

...on Monday. It's taken me a little longer to do what I had to do on my other projects, including cleaning up the yard after the winter storms. I was surprised at how much damage there was after our lengthy blizzard and freezing temperatures.

Plus I still haven't finished with the photo slideshows and stories about my Vietnam trip, and that was so long ago that I'm having trouble remembering that I went there.

Not really, but I am getting to that age where every little memory lapse starts to present itself as incipient Alzheimers...

Anyway, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed and I are going to spend the weekend in Portland (Oregon -- Maine is too far to drive) and I'll be back in Left Blogistan come Monday.

In the meantime, thanks again to all of you in the "teeming millions", and everyone have a safe but happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Do what ya got do and get your ass back here. The people need their dose of OPOV to keep their minds right. SEMPER FI!

mrln said...

Farns, I miss you! What is Obama DOING? Why is he putting a REPUBLICAN in place when he could have a democrat and a 60 vote majority? Does he think he's going to convince these people of the error of their ways? Look at how they're behaving!! More TAX CUTS? After running us into the ground! I hope the Democrats are learning something! Why are they so TIMID?
Farns...SAVE US!!!! At least save our SANITY!!!!!