Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bobby Who?

If it weren't for the fact that this fucker somehow got himself elected governor of one of the most regressive states in the union and -- most importantly -- he is not himself one of those WASPy caricatures of the typical Rethug party member, you would be asking yourself, as I might be, who the fuck is Bobby Jindal?

But here we are, with Bobby Jindal giving the Rethug commentary to Obama's address last night, and the only thing that the guy has going for him is, apparently, that he has a skin tone similar to that of our president.

Out of the many blatant Rethug lies, falsehoods and truth-stretching, so reminiscent of senility-ridden Ronny Raygun, was his complaint about the budget containing money for "volcano-watching".

Obviously Little Bobby has been out of the loop for the last twenty-nine years. I happen to live in "active volcano country" out here on the NW corner (see Mt. St. Helens -- I was less than fifty miles from it when in blew in 1980), and I just want to ask Little Bobby if he'd be so up in arms over budgetary money being spent for hurricane watch on the Gulf Coast.

Yeah, I didn't think so. God help us if this is the best that the Rethugs can do for their "shining stars in ascent" in the GOP.

Actually, now that I think of it, having Bobby Jindal (like having Governor Wolf Killer) in the ascendancy of the GOP can only be a good thing for the Dems, and for the rest of the country. Who on the left would not like to see a Palin-Jindal ticket in 2012? Alas, their pathos is our victory.