Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welcome to Police State

I'm sure that by now everyone has seen the videos (scroll down and watch the "long version") of University of Florida college student Andrew Meyer getting a close-range Taser treatment from the campus police when he had the temerity to ask John Kerry (D-Loser) a couple of questions.

Questions that those of us who put in long hours and hard cash in 2004, only to see our hopes dashed by Kerry's whipped-dog capitulation the morning after the election when he conceded Ohio want to ask. Ohio, by the way, was rife with voting "irregularities" that just happened by coincidence to fall the way of the Rethugs.

So this brash kid gets up and starts questioning Kerry about why he gave up, and when the cops close in on him, he starts asking about Kerry's membership in Skull and Bones -- the same secret society that Baby Doc belonged to when he was at Yale.

Okay, the kid was being a bit obnoxious, but isn't that what college students are supposed to be about? Questioning authority and being assholes about it?

Nevertheless, the campus police were all over this guy, and I can't tell, from the three different videos that I saw, why they felt they had to overreact this way. It's beyond me. At one point three cops are pinning him down at the back of the lecture hall and he can clearly be heard telling them that he "will walk out of here" if they get off of him. A second later they give him the close-order drill with the Taser and he can be heard screaming for five or six seconds after that.

And for what? A bunch of burly police officers are holding him down, and not a single one of them can get cuffs on the guy? What is wrong with the campus cops? Why would they do that, especially when they knew that at least four cameras were on them, and with the expansive growth in personal electronics, there were probably a hundred cell phones with video capabilities in the room?

Maybe Meyer thought he was at Florida State. He was wrong. It's Police State.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

He should be an instant millionaire.

Anonymous said...

When George Bush ran for office in 2000, I was afraid if he was elected, this country would eventually become a police state. I'd like to think I was wrong, but I don't think so.

What is unfortunate about stories like this is that, by and large, the American people generally support this kind of behavior by the police.

I've come to believe that Americans aren't opposed to the war in Iraq because it was a bad idea. It is because the U.S. is losing the war in Iraq. Believe me, if the war went well, most people would look the other way at situations like Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib, and continue to cheer on George Bush like the conquering hero.

In 2004, I was disappointed that John Kerry got the nomination. He seemed spineless, like most "leaders" of the Democratic party. Hell, there were times I thought he was deliberately trying to lose the election. Yet, against my better judgement, I voted for this spineless weasel.

I'm sure that in 2008, Hillary Clinton will have the nomination in hand, and come November of next year, she will thank her staff for all their hard, dilligent work, and go back to representing New York. This, after another Republican like Mitt, Rudy, or Fred gets elected.

I'm hardly a naive peacenik, but I do wonder how the United States could survive as a nation if it wasn't in a constant state of war.

SuLee said...

For whatever it's worth...

In '04 I worked at Kerry's state HQ's here in Columbus,OH. About mid-Sept. he simply quit the race. I was pissed beyond belief. His mind (and therefore his mouth) just went to mush after that.

Plus, his campaign staff here were eedjits. They concentrated all their efforts in already strong Kerry-supporting counties, with no campaigning in swing or Rethug areas. I got call after call from the rural counties...please just send us some yard signs, send anything you've got. No go.

If another Rethug is elected in '08, I swear I'm going to revert to the person I was in the 80's... Who's the POTUS? Uhhhh..now wait, it's on the tip of my tongue somewhere...

DrainBamage said...

Mike Moore did a piece on the IQ/competency test for being a police officer and found they actually require you to have a lower IQ to be a cop.
As for the rest, I know I would like to have tasered a few jack asses who cut to the front of the line.