Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Replenishing the "Ol' Coffers"

It's shocking, ugly and disgusting, but in a new book entitled Dead Certain by Robert Draper, Baby Doc is quoted as saying that, after he's no longer president:

I'll give some speeches, just to replenish the ol' coffers ... I don't know what my dad gets -- it’s more than 50-75 [thousand dollars a speech] ... Clinton’s making a lot of money ... I've got God's shoulder to cry on, and I cry a lot.
Jesus, so do we, Mister Prezdint, so do we.

So is it just me, or does it appear to be more than a little ... unseemly ... for the Leader of the Free world to come off as being so crass, so moneygrubbing, piloting the BFEE ship of aggravated wealth on the backs of the dead soldiers he's sent to die in an illegal, unwanted and unwarranted war? What about the families of the dead and broken Americans, who I am sure would like to have something warmer than these cold, hard cash calculations from someone who already has a net worth of something to the tune of 20 million dollars?

Like I say, it's disgusting. And, in a just world, Der Monkey Fuehrer would have a hard time delivering those expensive speeches in prison-orange overalls at The Hague while he's shackled at the bar of justice for his war crimes.

Okay, I can dream, can't I?

Oh, and one more thing: As of today, there are only a handful of news stories that mention the "ol' coffers", and most of them are from out of the country. Why is that?


jae said...

At the viewing todayof a beloved family member who has died at 58 at the hands of cancer, I thought, "why do the evil flourish and the graceful pass too early in much pain?"

Anonymous said...

There's no mention of "coffers" in the media because if it was mentioned, their "coffers" wouldn't be as filled by advertisers.

This is amerika, don't 'cha know?

Anonymous said...

Trouble is, Now we've got to contend w (F.)/Thompson.